12th Appalachian String Band Music Festival wraps up

The 12th Appalachian String Band Music Festival at Camp Washington-Carver in Clifftop, Fayette County, wrapped up on Sunday, Aug. 5. During the event, some of the nation’s finest string band musicians and flat-foot dancers won prizes in four old-time traditional contests--fiddle, banjo, string band and flat-foot dance--plus one non-traditional string band contest.

More than 4,000 people attended the festival which began Wednesday, Aug. 2. The annual gathering features concerts, contests, crafts, square dancing, family activities and workshops. Next year’s festival will be held July 31 - Aug. 4.

The contest winners were:

1st place ($400) - Mark Campbell of Richmond, Va.
2nd place ($200) - Eric Merrill of Summerville, Maine
3rd place ($150) - Rafe Stefanini of Elkins Park, Pa.
4th place ($100) - Rayna Gellert of Asheville, N.C.
5th place ($50) - Stephanie Coleman of Glenview, Ill.

Youth Fiddle Honors - 15 years of age and under
1st place ($100) - Stephanie Coleman of Glenville, Ill.
2nd place ($50) - Zack Fanok of Morgantown, W.Va.
3rd place ($25) - Greg Bulergier of Chevy Chase, Md.

Senior Fiddle Honors - 60 years of age and over
1st place ($200) - Junior Spencer of Frankford, W.Va.
2nd place ($100) - Lincoln Taylor of St. Albans, W.Va.
3rd place ($50) - Marvin Gaster of Sanford, N.C.

1st place ($400) - Jake Owen of Marshall, N.C.
2nd place ($200) - Mac Traynham of Willis, Va.
3rd place ($150) - Riley Baugus of Walkertown, N.C.
4th place ($100) - Tim Bing of Spencer, W.Va.
5th place ($50) - Joe Newberry of Durham, N.C.

Youth Banjo Honors - 15 years of age and under
1st place ($100) - Katherine Gura of Chapel Hill, N.C.
2nd place ($50) - Joanna Hartness of Greensboro, N.C.

Senior Banjo Honors - 60 years of age and over
1st place ($200) - Marvin Gaster of Sanford, N.C.
2nd place ($100) - Don Sarrell of Rising Fawn, Ga.
3rd place ($50) - Speedy Tolliver of Arlington, Va.

Traditional Band
1st place ($700) - Hoover Uprights of Beltsville, Md.
2nd place ($400) - Elkins String Ticklers of Elkins, W.Va.
3rd place ($300) - Hoop and Holler of Orma, W.Va.
4th place ($200) - Cliff Hangers of Watertown, Mass.
5th place ($100) - The Skunk Monkeys of Bryson City, N.C.

Non-Traditional Band
1st place ($500) - Cuttin’ Up Gumby of Harrisonburg, Va.
2nd place ($300) - Mando Mafia of Ruckerville, Va.
3rd place ($200) - Synch-O-Therapy of Barboursville, Va.
4th place ($150) - Ben Borscht and the Beats of Suffern, N.Y.
5th place ($75) - Tomfoolery of Bloomington, Ind.

Old-Time Flat-Foot Dance - ages 15 and under
1st place ($75) - Andrea Edwards of Copen, W.Va.
2nd place ($50) - Isaac Akers of Carboro, N.C.
3rd place ($25) - Emily Johnson-Erday of Weaverville, N.C.

Old-Time Flat-Foot Dance - ages 16 through 49
1st place ($75) - Gordy Hinners of Weaverville, N.C.
2nd place ($50) - Sarah Owen of Marshall, N.C.
3rd place ($25) - Sharon Leahy of Spring Valley, Ohio

Old-Time Flat-Foot Dance - 50 years of age and over
1st place ($75) - Thomas Maupin of Murphysboro, Tenn.
2nd place ($50) - Cornmeal Sutton of Marshall, N.C.
3rd place ($25) - Charlie Burton of Harmony, Pa.

Camp Washington-Carver is located adjacent to Babcock State Park just off Rt. 60 (Midland Trail) on Rt. 41. Promotional sponsors of the festival were The Fayette Tribune, WTNJ and Mountain River Tours Inc. The Appalachian String Band Music Festival is a program of the West Virginia Division of Culture and History. For more information, call (304) 558-0220.