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???       Pinnacle Fiddlers Convention/The Old Timers Cup 2011,     Pinnacle, N.C.
3 - 5     Lady of the Lake Fall Music and Dance Weekend 2014    near Coeur d'Alene Lake ,Idaho
3rd & 4th       2014 Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddlers Convention     Athens,Alabama
2nd Sunday Annual Santa Barbara Old Time Fiddlers' Convention 2014
16 19 Annual Celebration of Traditional Music 2014     Berea,KY
17-19       Solefest 2014         dance weekend!  Springfield, Missouri
24-26       Annual Gypsy Moon Ball 2014        Indianapolis, Indiana
24-26       2014 Florida Fiddler's  Convention    O'Leno State Park - High Springs, Florida
24-26       Annual Fall Dance Festival 2014       in Charlottesville, Virginia