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Arnow, L. Earle
Introduction to Physiological and Pathological Chemistry 
C. V. Mosby Co 1939 
  Baker, Charles E.
Physician's Desk Reference (35th edition) 
Medical Economics Co 1981
  Baumeister, Theodore
Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers 
McGraw-Hill Book Co 1967 7th edition DJ
  Bellanti, Joseph
W. B. Saunders Co 1971
  Brecher, Edward M.
Licit and Illicit Drugs 
Little, Brown and Co 1972 1st edition DJ
  Carr, Joseph
Microprocessor Interfacing 
Tab Books 1982 1st edition 3rd printing
  Culbreth, David
A Manual of Materia Medica and Pharmacology 
Lea & Febiger 1910
  Feirer, John L.
Woodworking for Industry 
Chas. A. Bennett Co 1963 1st printing
  Fischer, Robert B.
A Basic Course in the Theory and Practice of Quantitative Chemical Analysis 
W. B. Saunders Co 1961 2nd edition
  Frolich, Edward D.
Pathophysiology - Altered Regulatory Mechanisms
in Disease 
J. B. Lippincott Co 1972 DJ
  Hare, Hobart Amory
Diagnosis in the Office and at the Bedside 
Lea & Febiger 1914 7th edition
  Hodgman, Charles D.
Tables for Identification of Organic Compounds 
The Chemical Rubber Publishing Co 1960
  Horn, Delton
How To Use Special-Purpose ICs
30 Customized Microprocessor Projects 
Tab Books 1986 1st edition 1st printing
Tab Books 1986 1st edition 1st printing
  Kent, James A.
Riegel's Handbook of Industrial Chemistry 
Van Nostrand Reinhold Co 1974 7th edition DJ
  Kuecken, John
How To Measure Anything With Electronic Instruments 
Tab Books 1981 1st edition 3rd printing
De Re Medica 
Eli Lilly and Company 1951 3rd edition

  Marchessault, R. H.(Ed)
Surfaces and Coatings Related to Paper and Wood 
Syracuse University Press 1967 1st edition DJ
  Martin, Eric W.
Remington's Practice of Pharmacy 
The Mack Publishing Co 1956 11th edition
  Perry, John H.(ed)
Chemical Engineers' Handbook 
McGraw-Hill Book Co 1963
  US Dept of Agriculture
Special Report on Diseases of the Horse 
US Government Printing Office 1942 revised edition
  Wall, John
A Horseman's Handbook on Practical Breeding  
Thoroughbred Bloodlines 1950 3rd edition revised
  Wilson, Eve D.
Principles of Nutrition 
John Wiley & Sons 1961 4th printing
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  Ahlfeld, Federico
Los Yacimientos Minerales de Bolivia 
Ministerio de Economia Nacional 1941
  Hered, William
Basic Laboratory Studies in College Chemistry 
D.C. Heath and Co 1966
  Hodgman, Charles D.
Handbook of Physics and Chemistry (44th edition) 
The Chemical Rubber Publishing Co 1963
  Juneau, Patricia S.
Medical-Surgical Nursing 
Macmillan Publishing Co 1980
  Livingston, Brian
Windows 98 Secrets
Windows 3.1 Secrets 
IDG Books 1998
IDG Books 1992
  Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft Windows 98 Resource Kit 
Microsoft Press 1998 1st edition CD-Rom
  Rabinowitch, Eugene
John Wiley & Sons 1969
  Ravel, Richard
Clinical Laboratory Medicine 
Year Book Medical Publishers 1976 2nd edition
  Slowinski, Emil
Chemical Principles in the Laboratory 
W.B. Saunders Co 1974