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  Aitchison, Ray
Thanks to the Yanks? The Americans
and Australia 
Sun Books (Melbourne)1972
  Allen, William Sheridan
The Nazi Seizure of Power  
New Viewpoints 1973
  American Spice Trade Assoc
Spices - what they are - where they come from 
American Spice Trade Association 1956
  Anchorage Women's Club
A Collection of Choice Recipes  
  Anderson, L.
Wood-Frame House Construction 
  Aslett, Don
Stainbuster's Bible 
Plume Books 1990 1st edition
  Atkins, Harry
A History of Ethiopia 
Central Press
  Atwood, Margaret
Selected Poems 1965-1975 
Houghton Mifflin Co 1976
  Barlett, Donald
America: What Went Wrong?  
Andrews & McMeel 1992 7th printing
  Barnett, Franklin
Dictionary of Prehistoric Indian Artifacts of
the American Southwest 
Northland Press 4th 1981
  Bay, Mel
Deluxe Encyclopedia of Tenor Banjo Chords 
Mel Bay Publications 1973
  Beattie, Melody
Codependents' Guide to the Twelve Steps
Codependent No More 
Firside/Parkside 1992 reprint
Harper/Hazelden 1987
  Beck, Bodog F.
Honey and Your Health 
Bantam Books 2nd 1971
  Bemiss, Elijah
The Dyer's Companion 
Dover 1973 3rd enlarged edition
  Berg, Dave
Mad's Dave Berg Looks at the U.S.A.  
Signet 1964
  Bernal, Ignacio
Mexico Before Cortez: Art, History & Legend 
Anchor Books 1973
  Best, Fred (ed)
The Future of Work 
Prentice-Hall 1973
  Boom, Carrie ten
The Hiding Place  
Hodder and Stoughton 1971 signed 
  Brandt, Keith
Indian Festivals 
Troll Associates 1985 Sft

  Brecher, Ruth and Edward
An Analysis of Human Sexual Response 
Signet Books 1966
  Brondsted, Johannes
The Vikings 
Penguin Books 1986
  Brooks, Barbara (ed)
The Whole Whale Catalog 
Greatlakes Living Press 1978
  Brother Phillip
Secrets of the Andes 
Leaves of Grass Press 1976 1st edition
  Budak, B.M.
A Collection of Problems in Mathematical Physics  
Dover Publications 1988
  Burroughs, William
Ace Books 1973 3rd Printing
  Butti, Ken
A Golden Thread -
2500 Years of Solar Architecture and Technology 
Cheshire Books 1980
  Carter, Jimmy
Why Not the Best?  
Bantam Books 1976 reprint
  Caldicott, Helen
Missile Envy: The Arms Race and Nuclear War  
Bantam Books 1986 revised
  Carper, Jean
Food-Your Miracle Medicine 
HarperCollins 1993 1st
  Casti, John L.
Paradigms Lost - Tackling the Unanswered
Mysteries of Modern Science 
Avon Books 1990 1st Trade Printing
  Castle, Larry
Collectable Machine-Made Marbles 
Utah Marble Connection,Inc 1989
  Cadwallader, Sharon
Whole Earth Cooking for the 80's 
St Martin's Press 1981 1st edition
  Callahan, Hester
Cast Iron Cook Book 
Nitty Gritty Productions 1969
  Chagnon, Napoleon
Yanomamo, the Fierce People 
Holt, Rinehart and Winston 1977
  Chopra, Deepak
Ageless Body, Timeless Mind 
Harmony Books 1993 1st edition
  Clark, Ann Nolan
Secret of the Andes 
Penguin Books 1983
  Conran, Shirley
Bantam Books 1979
The American Woman 1999-2000 
W.W. Norton & Co 1998 1st edition
  Covey, Stephen
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People 
Simon & Schuster 1990
  Crabbe, David (ed)
The World Energy Book -
An A-Z, Atlas and Statistical Source Book 
The MIT Press 1979 1st edition
  Dadant, C.P.
First Lessons in Beekeeping 
Dadant and Sons 10th printing 1990
  Damore, Leo
Senatorial Privilege The Chappaquiddick Cover-up 
Regnery Gateway
  Daniel, G.
Tumbling Techniques 
  Dank, Michael C.
Scrap Craft - 105 Projects 
Dover Publications 1969 
  Darga, Bert
The Survival Bible 
Bobbs-Merrill Co 1982 1st printing
  Davis, Adelle
Let's Cook It Right 
  Dawson, E. Yale
Cacti of California 
University of California Press 1975 3rd printing
  Dean, Thomas Scott (with Jay Heddon)
How to Solarize Your House 
Charles Scribner's Sons 1980
  De Ropp, Robert S.
The New Prometheans
The Master Game: Beyond The Drug Experience  
Delta Book 1973
Delta Book 1968
  Dexter, Will
131 Magic Tricks for Amateurs 
ARC Books 1968 3rd printing
  Diagram Group
Man's Body - An Owner's Manual 
Paddington Press 1980 BkClub
  Douglass, William
Bad Medicine 
Second Opinion Publishing 1994
  Drake, William
The Connoisseur's Handbook of Marijuana 
Straight Arrow Books 1971
  Dubeck, Paula
Women and Work 
Rutgers University Press 1997
  Duerk, Judith
Circle of Stones 
LuraMedia 1989
  Dyer, Ceil
Wok Cookery 
Dell Books 1981 1st printing
  Editors of Organic Gardening and Farming
What's New in the Garden 
Rodale Press 1975
  Elliott, Charles
Care of Game Meat and Trophies 
Outdoor Life 1978 6th printing
  Ellis, George (with Ruth Williams)
Flat and Curved Space-Times 
Clarendon Press 1990
  Ellison, Slim
Cowboys Under the Mogollon Rim 
University of Arizona Press 1981 4th Printing 
  Erdman, David
The Iluminated Blake  
Anchor Press 1974
  Fielding, William J.
Sex and the Love Life  
PermaBook 6th
  Fischer, William L.
How to Fight Cancer and Win
Miracle Healing Power Through Nature's Pharmacy 
Fischer Publishing Corp 1987
Fischer Publishing Corp 1986
  Fitzhugh, William W. & Susan A. Caplan
Inua: Spirit World of the Bering Sea Eskimo 
Smithsonian Institution Press 1982
  Forward, Susan
Toxic Parents  
Bantam Books 1990
  Foster, William F.
Build-it Book of Solar Heating Projects 
Tab Books 1980 1st edition 5th printing
  Frank, Mel (with Ed Rosenthal)
Marijuana Grower's Guide (Deluxe edition) 
And/Or Press 1980 7th printing
  Franken, Al
Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot  
Delacorte Press 1996
  Fredericks, Carlton
Eat, Live and Be Merry 
Paxton-Slade 1959
  Freed, Dolly
Possum Living 
Universe Books 1978
  Freeman, James
The Hilltop Heart 
Unity Books 1992 2nd edition
  Gannon, Frank
Drugs What They are,How They Look, What They Do 
Warner Paperback Library 1972 1st printing
  Friends of the Earth
Whale Campaign Manual 2 
Temtex Printers 1974
  Fryer, Lee (with Dick Simmons)
Whole Foods for You 
Mason & Lipscomb 1974 1st printing
  Gardner, Martin
Fads & Fallacies 
Dover Publications 2nd edition
  Garrison, Webb
Civil War Curiosities  
Rutledge Hill Press 1994
Monday Night Class 
Book Publishing Co 4th printing
  Gibbons, Euell
Stalking the Wild Asparagus (Field Guide edition) 
David McKay 1977 reprint
  Ginsberg, Allen
Collected Poems 1947-1988 
Harper and Row 1988
  Grahn, Judy
Edward the Dyke and other poems 
The Women's Press Collective 1971
  Gray, Mary Taylor
Watchable Birds of the Southwest  
Mountain Press Publishing 1995 3rd printing
  Gribbin, John
In Search of Schrodinger's Cat
Quantum Physics and Reality  
Bantam Books 1988
  Gribbin, John (with Martin Rees)
Cosmic Coincidences
Dark Matter, Mankind, and Anthropic Cosmology 
Bantam Books 1989
  Grist, Everett
Antique & Collectible Marbles
Machine-Made and Contemporary Marbles  
Collector Books 1992 3rd Edition
Collector Books 1992
  Gustaitis, Rasa
Turning on  
Signet 1970 1st printing
Haag, John
Country All-Timers - The World's Most Requested
Country Standards  
Creative Concepts Publishing
  Harbo, Rick M.
Tidepool & Reef - Marinelife Guide to the Pacific Northwest Coast  
Hancock House 1984 2nd printing
  Heisenberg, Werner
Philosophic Problems of Nuclear Science 
Fawcett Pub 1966 1st Fawcett Premier printing
  Hill, Mike
Hikers and Climbers Guide to the Sandias  
University of New Mexico Press 1983 2nd edition 
  Hofstadter, Douglas R.
Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid 
Vintage Books 1980
  Holzer, Hans
Are You Psychic? 
Avery Publishing Group 1997

Anderson, Eugene The Chumash Indians of Southern California Malki Museum Press
Arrien, AngelesThe Tarot Handbook Arcus Publishing Company, 1987
Bean, LowellThe Cahuilla Indians of Southern California Malki Museum Press
Brown, J (Forward)The Search for Alexander-An Exhibition New York Graphic Society, 1980 1st editon
Crawford, AHerbal Remedies for Women Prima Publishing 1997
Hillman, HowardKitchen Science (Revised Edition) Houghton Mifflin Co. 1989
Ingham, Eunice Stories the Feet Can Tell: Stepping to Better Health Ingham,1938 38th printing circa 1960

  Horowitz, Lois
Knowing Where to Look 
Writer's Digest Books 1988 1st printing
  Hughes, Robert
The Fatal Shore - The Epic of Australia's Founding  
Alfred A. Knopf 1987 
  Huxley, Elspeth
the flame trees of Thika  
Chatto & Windus/Penguin 1963 reprint 
  James, Muriel (with Dorothy Jongeward)
Born to Win  
Addison-Wesley Publishing 1977 
  Joyce, Jerry; Moon, Marianne
Microsoft Windows 95 at a Glance  
Microsoft Press 1997
  Kaku, Michio (with Jennifer Trainer)
Beyond Einstein - The Cosmic Quest for
the Theory of the Universe 
Bantam Books 1987
  Kiver, Milton
Television Simplified  
D. Van Nostrand Co 1962 6th edition 
  Lawson, Carol S. (ed)
Gold From Aspirin - Spiritual Views on
Chaos and Order from 30 Authors
Twelve Gates to the City - Spiritual Views on
the Journey from 30 Authors 
Chrysalis Books 1995 

Chrysalis Books 1995
  Lee, Stan
Bring on the Bad Guys -
Origins of the Marvel Comics Villains  
Simon and Schuster 1976 
  Leffland, Ella
The Knight, Death and the Devil 
Penguin Books 1990
  LeShan, Lawrence
How to Meditate  
Bantam Books 1984
  Levy, Howard S.
The Tao of Sex 
Integral Publishing 1989
  Lustig, Arnost
Darkness Casts No Shadow
Night and Hope 
Northwestern University Press 1985
Northwestern University Press 1985
  MacAllister, Carol
Windows to My Soul 
Handsome Books 1st 1990
  Mace, Nancy
The 36-Hour Day 
Warner Books 1981
  Mails, Thomas E.
Secret Native American Pathways -
A Guide to Inner Peace  
Council Oak Books 1992?
  Marshall, Catherine
Avon 1969 
  Mason, Carol
Anthropology Through Science Fiction 
St. Martin's Press 1974 
  Mattoon, Wilbur
Forest Trees of Illinois 
State Of Illinois 1927
  McPhee, John
The Control of Nature 
Farrar, Strauss and Giroux 1993 4th printing
  Meier, Matt
The Chicanos  
Hill and Wang 1972 sft
  Michener, James
Kent State  
Fawcett Crest       
  Miller, Jonathan (with Borin Van Loon)
Darwin for Beginners 
Pantheon Books 1982 1st American edition
  Mills, James
The Prosecutor 
Pocket Books 1970 1st printing
  Momaday, N. Scott
The Way To Rainy Mountain  
Univ. of NM Press 5th '83
  Gilbert Morris
Chariots in the Smoke 
Tyndale House Publishers, 1997
  Murphy, Robert
The Peregrine Falcon 
Avon Camelot 1967 1st printing
  Nearing, Helen
The Maple Sugar Book 
Schocken Books 1971 5th printing
  Newman, Bernard
Background to Viet-nam 
1966 1st printing 
  Noble, David Grant
Ancient Ruins of the Southwest  
Northland Press 1981 
  Ornish, Dean
Dr. Dean Ornish's Program for Reversing Heart Disease  
Ballantine Books 1991 
  Parker, Ed
Infinite Insights into Kenpo (Vol 1)
Infinite Insights into Kenpo (Vol 2)
Infinite Insights into Kenpo (Vol 3)
Infinite Insights into Kenpo (Vol 4)  
Delsby Publications 1984 2nd printing
Delsby Publications 1983 1st printing
Delsby Publications 1985 1st printing
Delsby Publications 1986 1st printing
  Peace Pilgrim's Friends
Peace Pilgrim 
Ocean Tree Book 1983
  Pearson, Durk (with Sandy Shaw)
Life Extension - A Practical Scientific Approach 
Warner Books 1983 
  Peat, F. David
Synchronicity - The Bridge Between Matter and Mind 
Bantam Books 1988 
  Peterson, P. Victor
Native Trees of Southern California 
University of California Press 1966
  Pham, Andrew
Catfish and Mandala 
Farrar, Straus and Giroux 1999 1st edition
  Polenberg, Richard
War And Society 
J.B. Lippincott 1972
  Pratt, George
No Man's Land: A Postwar Sketchbook of
the War in the Trenches 
Tundra Publishing 1992
  Prevention Magazine (ed)
The Prevention How-To Dictionary of
Healing Remedies and Techniques 
Berkely Books 1996
  Raban, Jonathan
Passage to Juneau 
Vintage Books 1999 1st edition
  Raimy, Eric
Shared Houses, Shared Lives  
J.P. Tarcher 1979
  Rajneesh, Bhagwan
I am the Gate
The Book of the Secrets 2
The Book of the Secrets 3  
Harper & Row 1977 1st edition
Harper & Row 1979 1st edition
Harper & Row 1980 1st edition
  Rapp, Lynn & Joel
Grow With Your Plants 
J. P. Tarcher,Inc 1974 1st
  Raymond, Dick
Down-To-Earth Vegetable Gardening Know-How  
Garden Way Publishing 1975
  Rees, Alwyn & Brinley Rees
Celtic Heritage: Ancient Tradition in Ireland
& Wales 
Thames and Hudson 1976 
  Rhine, J. B.
New World of the Mind 
William Sloane 1962 2nd printing
  Ridley, Matt
Genome - The Autobiography of a Species
in 23 Chapters 
Perennial 2000 
  Rivera, Tomas
And the Earth Did Not Part 
Quinto Sol 1971 sft
  Roach, Hal
We Irish Talk Like That 
  Roberts, Kathaleen
Indians of New Mexico 
New Mexico Commerce and Industry Dept 1960
  Robertson, Edna; Sarah Nestor
Artists of the Canyons and Caminos: Santa Fe,
the Early Years  
Gibbs M. Smith 1982 2nd printing 
  Royle, Selena
Guadalajara: As I Know It, Live It, Love It 
5th Edition
  Rubin, Charles J. (ed)
Junk Food 
Dell Publishing 1980 1st edition
  Rudee, Martine
Traveler's Guide to Healing Centers and Retreats 
John Muir Publications 1989
  Ruppelt, Edward J.
The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects 
Ace Books 1956
  Rush, Anne Kent
Getting Clear  
Random House/Bookworks 1973 1st printing
  Russell, Bertrand
The Will to Doubt 
Philosophical Library 1958 
  Rutstrum, Calvin
The Wilderness Cabin  
Collier Books 1974 5th printing
  Schiffer, Nancy
Miniature Arts of the Southwest 
Schiffer Publishing 1991
  Schulberg, Budd
Moving Pictures 
Stein and Day 1982 1st edition
  Schwartz, David J.
The Magic of Psychic Power 
Paperback Library 1st Printing 1968
  Shale, Paul
The Warrior Within - A Guide to Inner Power  
Delta Group Press 1987 2nd printing 
  Sloane, Eric
Our Vanishing Landscape 
Ballantine 1974 1st printing 
  Snow, C.P.
the two cultures: and a second look  
Mentor Book 1963 4th printing 
  Spring, Ira (with Harvey Manning)
102 Hikes in the Alpine Lakes,South Cascades,
and Olympics 
The Mountaineers 1972
  Stableford, Brian
Future Man 
Crown Publishers 1984 1st edition
  Stang, Alan
It's Very Simple 
Western Islands 1965
  Steinbeck, John
The Acts of King Arthur and his Noble Knights  
Farrar Straus Giroux 1977 4th printing 
  Stevens, Barry
Don't Push the River 
Celestial Arts 1985 1st printing 
  Stoddard, Alan
The Back-Relief From Pain 
Arco Publishing 1979
  Stratton, R. B.
Captivity of the Oatman Girls 
Triumph Press,Inc
  Summers, Lee
The Guardian Faith  
Private 1992 signed 
  Sylvester, Edward (with Lynn Klotz)
The Gene Age - Genetic Engineering and the
Next Industrial Revolution 
Charles Scribner's Sons 1987
  Tannen, Deborah
You Just Don't Understand 
Ballantine Books 1991
  Taylor, Don (with Jeanne Archer)
Up Against the Wal-Marts 
Amacom 1996
  von Clausewitz, Carl
On War 
Penguin Classics 1986
  Wansell, Geoffrey
Haunted Idol , The Story of the Real Cary Grant 
Ballantine 1985 1st printing
  Weinland, James D.
How to Think Straight 
Helix Books (Rowman & Allanheld) 1984
  White, Michael
Stephen Hawking 
Plume Book 1993 1st edition
  Whitehead, A
Science and the Modern World 
Free Press 1967 1st edition 10th printing
  Wigginton, Eliot
The Foxfire Book
Foxfire 2 
Anchor Books 1972
Anchor Books 1973
  Williams, C.A.S.
Outlines of Chinese Symbolism & Art Motives  
Dover Publications 1976
  Wilson, Neill
Treasure Express, Epic Days of the Wells Fargo  
The Rio Grande Press 1987 1st printing 
  Yates, Hube with Garrison,Gene
From Thunder to Breakfast  
Northland Press 1978 rev 2nd edition 
  Zinn, Howard
Vietnam: The Logic of Withdrawal 
Beacon 7th Printing 1968
Description, Diagnosis, Theory, and Treatment of Schizophrenia 
Karpat Publishing Co
  The LS Starrett Co
The Tools and Rules For Precision Measuring 

Johnston, Francis The Serrano Indians of Southern California Malki Museum Press
Meyers, Warren Who Is That? Production Design Associates 1967 6th Printing
Miller, Ronald The Chemehuevi Indians of Southern California Malki Museum Press
Muller, Al All American Square Dances Paull-Pioneer Music Corp. 1941
Munz, PCalifornia Spring Wildflowers University of California Press 1972
Northen, ROrchids as House Plants  Dover Publications 1976 2nd revised editon
Peck, M. ScottThe Road Less Traveled  Touchstone 1978
Schuler, Dr. Burton SThe Agony of De-Feet  La Luz Press 1982
Simpson, RuthThe Hopi Indians Southwest Museum Leaflets 1971 3rd reprinting
Smith, Gerald Indian Basket Makers of San Bernardino County San Bernardino County Museum