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Fiction   SciFi/Fantasy
  Atwood, Margaret
Alias Grace  
Nan A. Talese 1996 1st Edition 
  Barrios, Enrique
Ami, Child of the Stars 
Lotus Press 1989
  Beauchemin, Yves
McClelland & Stewart 1993
  Boulle, Pierre
Planet of the Apes 
Signet 1963 16th printing
  Callenbach, Ernest
Bantam Books 1990
  Carter, Forrest
The Education of Little Tree
Watch For Me On The Mountain 
University of New Mexico Press 1990
Dell Publishing 1990 Reprint
  Chamberlain, William
Trumpets of Company K 
Ballantine Books 3rd Printing 1964
  Christie, Agatha
Murder in 3 Acts 
Avon Publications T-243 35 cents
  Dobie, J. Frank
Tongues of the Monte  
Univ. of Texas 1980 
  Eco, Umberto
Foucault's Pendulum  
Ballantine Books 1990
  Eastman, Kevin
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Book III
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Book IV  
First Publishing 1989 3rd printing
First Publishing 1988
  Erdrich, Louise
Perennial Library 1989
  Gellis, Roberta
Sing Witch, Sing Death  
Bantam 2nd 1983
  Grae, Camarin
the Winged Dancer 
Blazon Books 1983
  Graham, Winston
Ballantine Books 1977 1st edition
  Groening, Matt
How to Go to Hell 
HarperPerennial 1991 1st edition 
  Hand, Elizabeth
Last Summer at Mars Hill  
HarperPrism 1998
  Heide, Florence
The Shrinking of Treehorn (illus Edward Gorey)  
A Yearling Book Dell 1971 
  Herron, Shaun
The Whore-Mother 
Signet 1974 1st printing
  Holman, Sheri
The Dress Lodger  
Ballantine Books 2000 1st edtion
  James, Donald
The Fall of the Russian Empire  
Signet 1983
  Keel, John
Why UFOs 
Manor Books 1970
  Kellerman, Faye
Moon Music  
William Morrow and Co 1998 1st edition 

  Kerouac, Jack
Dr. Sax
On the Road
Satori in Paris
The Dharma Bums
Grove Press 1959 6th Printing
Signet Books
Grove Press 1966 4th Printing
Signet Books 6th Printing
McGraw Hill 1978 1st printing

  King, Stephen
The Dark Tower, The Gunslinger  
  Kingsolver, Barbara
The Poisonwood Bible 
Harper 1999

  Lea, Tom
The Brave Bulls  
Pocket Book 1st printing 1951
  Mills, James
The Prosecutor  
  Murdoch, Iris
An Accidental Man  
Penguin Books 1973
  Nichols, John
The Magic Journey  
Ballantine Books 1988 7th Printing
  Norton, Andre
Tales of the Witch World 
Tom Doherty 1989
  OakGrove, Artemis
Dreams of Vengeance (Vol 2 of the Throne Trilogy)
Lace Publications 1985 1st Edition signed
Lace Publications 1987 1st Edition signed
  Peery, Janet
Alligator Dance 
Southern Methodist University Press 1993
1st edition
  Poortvliet, Rein and Huygen, Wil
Peacock Press/Bantam Book 1979 1st printing 
  Queen, Ellery
Halfway House  
Pocket Book edition 1944 1st edition 
  Rice, Ann
Exit to Eden
Cry to Heaven  
Ballantine Books 1996
Ballantine Books 1991 1st Edition
  Simmons, Marc
When Six-Guns Ruled 
Ancient City Press 1990 1st edition 2nd printing
  Steinbeck, John
The Acts of King Arthur and his Noble Knights 
Farrar Straus Giroux 1977 4th printing
  Stokes, Donald
Appointment with Fear  
Signet Books 1951 1st printing 
  Storm, Hyemeyohsts
Seven Arrows 
Ballantine Books 1972 6th printing
  The Editors of Playboy
The Playboy Book of Crime and Suspense  
Playboy Press 1968 
  Welch, James
Fools Crow 
Penguin Books 1986
  Wiley, Richard
Soldiers in Hiding 
Plume 1991 1st printing