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  Aaron, Jan
The Art of Mexican Cooking 
Castle 1985 DJ 
  Adler, Polly
A House is not a Home 
Rinehart & Company 1953 DJ
  Alba, Victor
The Mexicans 
Praeger 1967
  Aldrin, Buzz with Wayne Warga
Return to Earth 
Random House 1973 bk club DJ
  Allen, George
Presidents Who Have Known Me  
Simon and Schuster 1950 DJ
  Ames, Elinor
Book of Modern Etiquette 
D. Van Nostrand Company 1948

  Andrews, Roy
Under a Lucky Star  
The Viking Press 1944
  Armour, Richard
It all started with Columbus 
McGraw-Hill Book Co 1954 8th printing DJ
  Armstrong, Neil et al
First On The Moon 
Little, Brown & Co 1970
  Arnot, Robert
Dr. Bob's Arnot's Guide to Turning Back the Clock 
Little, Brown and Co 1995 1st edition
  Aronson, Theo
Napoleon and Josephine - a Love Story 
St. Martin's Press 1990 1st edition DJ
  Associated Press
The Torch is Passed 
Western Printing
  Asimov, Isaac
Quasar, Quasar, Burning Bright 
Doubleday & Co 1978 1st edition DJ
  Attenborough, David
The Living Planet  
Little, Brown and Co 1984
  Aul, Henry
How To Build Garden Structures 
Sheridan House 1950
  Bailey, Emma
Sold to the Lady in the Green Hat 
Dodd, Mead & Company 1962 DJ 2nd printing
  Bakker, Jim
I was Wrong  
Thomas Nelson 1996 DJ 
  Ball, John
Carpenters and Builders Library (4 vol. set) 
Bobbs-Merrill Co 1982
  Barrett, J. William
The Overland Journal of Amos P. Josselyn 
Gateway Press 1978 signed
  Bennett, Edna Mae
Turquoise and the Indian 
The Swallow Press 1970 revised edition
  Bennett, Ivan
The Hymnal - Army and Navy 
United States Gov Printing Office 1942 
  Bernstein, Albert J.
Sacred Bull - The Inner Obstacles That Hold You Back ... 
John Wiley & Sons 1994 DJ
  Bertram, Werner
A Royal Recluse 
Martin Herpich and Son 1936? 21st-26th thousand
  Beschloss, Michael
Harper & Row 1986 DJ 1st edition
  Billard, Jules (ed)
The World of the American Indian 
National Geographic Society 1979 2nd printing
  Blum, Daniel
A New Pictorial History of the Talkies 
G.P. Putnam's Sons 1973 3rd impression DJ
  Blue Mountain Crafts Council
Joy of Crafts  
Holt, Rinehart and Winston 1975 
  Bombeck, Erma
Four of a Kind  
McGraw-Hill 1985 
  Bond, Fred
Kodachrome and Kodacolor From All Angles  
Camera Craft Publishing Co 1943
1st edition 2nd printing 
  Bovell, Cecile
A Point of View 
Vantage Press 1963 1st Dust Jacket Signed
  Bowen, Catherine
Yankee from Olympus-Justice Holmes and his Family  
Little, Brown & C0 1944
  Bradshaw, John
Bantam Books 1990 DJ
  Brand, Stewart
The Media Lab 
Viking 1987 DJ
  Branley, Franklyn
Exploring by Satellite 
Crowell Company 1957 DJ
  Brazelton, T.
Infants and Mothers 
Delacorte Press/Seymour Lawrence 1977
8th printing
  Bricklin, Mark
The Practical Encyclopedia of Natural Healing 
Rodale Press 1976 DJ
  Brimer, John
Homeowner's Complete Outdoor Building Book 
Harper & Row 1973 DJ 4th printing
  Brown, Harriet Connor
Grandmother Brown's Hundred Years 1827-1927 
Blue Ribbon Books 1932
  Buchsbaum, Ralph (with Lorus Milne)
The Lower Animals - Living Invertebrates of the World  
Chanticleer Press 1962 3rd printing
  Burns, George
100 Years, 100 Stories
Dr. Burn's Prescription for Happiness 
G.P. Putnam's Sons 1996 1st edition DJ
G.P. Putnam Son's 1984 1st edition DJ
  Buscaglia, Leo
Born For Love 
Slack Inc/Random House 1992 DJ
  Cable, George W.
Bonaventure - A Tale of Louisiana 
International Association of Newspapers and Authors 1901 
  Caine, K. Winston
The Male Body: An Owner's Manual 
Rodale Press
  Cameron, Margaret
The Seven Purposes  
Harper and Brothers 1918 
  Campa, Arthur L.
Treasure of the Sangre de Cristos  
University of Oklahoma Press 1963 1st edition DJ
  Campbell Soup
A Campbell CookBook Cooking with Soup  
  Carnacina, Luigi
Luigi Carnacina Presents Italian Home Cooking 
Doubleday & Co. 1972 1st edition DJ 
  Carrighar, Sally
Moonlight at Midday  
Alfred A. Knopf 1959 DJ
  Carroll, Diahann
Little, Brown and Company 1986 1st edition DJ

  Cason, Marjorie / Adele Cahlander
The Art of Bolivian Highland Weaving 
Watson-Guptil Pub. 1976 1st printing
  Cavendish, Richard
Man, Myth & Magic - An Illustrated Encyclopedia
of the Supernatural Vol 1
Man, Myth & Magic - An Illustrated Encyclopedia
of the Supernatural Vol 2

Marshall Cavendish Corp 1970

Marshall Cavendish Corp 1970
  Chamberlain, Samuel
Fair is Our Land 
Peoples Book Club 1942
  Churchill, Winston
A History of the English Speaking Peoples (Vol 3) 
Dodd,Mead & Co 1957
  Clabburn, Pamela
The Needleworker's Dictionary 
  Clancy, J (Harrison, Ray)
Clancy Got Well 
McGrevey Book Store 1951 Signed
  Clark, Marsha
Without a Doubt 
Viking 1997 DJ
  Clausen, Henry C.
Clausen's Commentaries on Morals and Dogma 
Supreme Council... 1974
  Cleaver, Eldridge
Soul on Fire 
AWord Books 1978 DJ
  Close, Upton
Behind The Face Of Japan  
D. Appleton-Century Co. 1942 DJ
  Cochran, Doris M.
Living Amphibians of the World 
Doubleday & Co 1962 2nd printing 
  Colby, C. B.
Our Space Age Jets 
Coward-McCann, Inc 1959
  Colgrave, Sukie
The Spirit of the Valley  
Houghton Mifflin Co 1979
  Collier, Peter
The Roosevelts 
Simon and Schuster 1994 DJ
  Collier, Robert
The Secret of the Ages Volume 4
The Secret of the Ages Volume 7 
Robert Collier 1926
Robert Collier 1926
  Colville, John
The Fringes of Power
(10 Downing Street Diaries 1939-1955) 
W.W. Norton & Co 1986 1st American edition DJ
  Costain, Thomas B.
The Chord of Steel 
Doubleday & Co 1960 dj
  Cousins, Norman
The Healing Heart 
W.W. Norton and Co 1983 DJ 
  Cousteau, Jacques
The Shark: Splendid Savage of the Sea 
Doubleday & Company 1970 DJ 1st edition
  Cox, James A.
A Century of Light 
Benjamin Co 1979 DJ
  Cray, Ed
Burden of Proof (The Case of Juan Corona) 
Macmillan Publishing 1973 1st printing DJ
  Cruso, Thalassa
Making Things Grow Outdoors 
Alfred A. Knopf 1971 DJ 1st edition
  Daniels, Walter M.
American Indians 
The H. W. Wilson Co 1957 5th printing
  Davis, Adelle
Let's Get Well 
Harcourt, Brace & World 1965
  Davis, Patti
Angels Don't Die  
1995 1st edition DJ
  Den Dooven, K
The Master Baker And His Work 
Den Dooven 1947 5th printing
  De Ropp, Robert S.
Sex Energy - The Sexual Force in Man and Animals 
Delacorte Press 1969 DJ
  Devoe, Alan
This Fascinating Animal World 
McGraw-Hill 1959 DJ
  Donovan, Dulcie
The Mode in Dress and Home 
Allyn and Bacon 1935
  Dopp, Katherine E.
The Tree Dwellers
The Later Cave-Men  
Rand McNally & Co 1904
Rand McNally & Co edition of 1926 
  Douglas, Kirk
The Ragman's Son 
Simon and Schuster 1988 DJ BCE
  Dowding, Lord
Many Mansions 
Rider and Co
  Easton, Carol
The Search for Sam Goldwyn 
William Morrow & Co 1976 DJ
  Eaton, Jerome
Gardening Under Glass - An Illustrated Guide to
the Greenhouse 
Macmillan Publishing Co 1973 BkClub DJ
  Eban, Abba
Abba Eban, an Autobiography 
Random House 1977 dj
  Editors of Sports Illustrated
The Best of Sports Illustrated: 1  
Little, Brown & Co 1973 1st edition
  Editors of Time-Life Books
The Miners  
Time-Life Books 1976
  Egge, Ruth Stearns
How to Make Something from Nothing 
Coward-McCann 1968 DJ
  Eichenlaub, John
A Minnesota Doctor's Home Remedies for Common and Uncommon Ailments  
Prentice-Hall 1972 2nd edition 
  Eisenhower, Dwight D.
The White House Years: Mandate for Change
Doubleday 1963 BkClb DJ
  Ellis, Trey
Home Repairs 
Simon & Schuster 1993 DJ
  Ellsberg, Edward
Hell on Ice 
Dodd, Mead & Company 1938
  Emery, Ralph
The View From Nashville  
William Morrow and Co 1998 1st edtion DJ
An Anthology of Spanish American Literature 
  Faulkner, Edward
Plowman's Folly 
Grosset & Dunlap 1943 DJ
  Feldman, Annette
The Big Book of Small Needlework Gifts 
Rutledge Books 1980 1st edition
  Finney, Ben
Feet First  
Crown Publishers 1971 DJ
  Fishwick, Marshall
Lee After the War 
Dodd, Mead & Company 1963
  Fitzgerald, Edward
Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam  
Random House 1947
  Fitzpatrick, Sonya
What the Animals Tell Me  
Hyperion 1997 1st Edition DJ
  Flannagan, Roy
The Story of Lucky Strike
New York World's Fair Edition 
  Fletcher, B
A History of Architecture 
Butterworths DJ
  Fodor, Nandor
Between Two Worlds 
Parker Publishing Co 1964 Bookclub DJ
  Foreman, Paul
Quanah the Serpent Eagle  
Northland 1st 1983
  Ford, J.
The Truth About War 
Broadman Press 1970
  Forester, C. S.
The Age of Fighting Sail - The Story of
the Naval War of 1812 
Doubleday and Company 1956
  Gallant, Roy
Earth's Changing Climate 
Four Winds Press 1979 DJ
  Galton, Lawrence
The Truth About Fiber in Your Food  
Crown Publishers 1976 2nd printing 
  Garder, Michel
A History of the Soviet Army  
Praeger 1966 DJ
  Garland, Cedric
The Calcium Connection 
G.P. Putnam's Sons 1988 DJ
  Gates, Phyllis
My Husband, Rock Hudson 
Doubleday & Company 1987 DJ BCE
  Geddes, Anne
1996 Datebook 
Cedco Publishing 1995 1st edition

  Gilbert, Elliot
The World of Mystery Fiction 
Reader's Digest Association 1990 DJ
  Gilder, George
Naked Nomads-Unmarried Men in America 
Quadrangle/The New York Times Book Co
1974 DJ
  Gingrich, Arnold (Pub)
Esquire Cartoon Album (25th Anniversary Volume) 
Esquire/Doubleday 1957
  Golding, Harry
The Wonder Book of the Navy 
Ward Lock & Co circa 1930
  Gorbachev, Raisa
I Hope 
HarperCollins 1991 DJ
  Goscinny (with Uderzo)
Asterix and Cleopatra 
William Morrow and Co 1970
  Gottlieb, Bill
Nuevas Alternativas para Curarse Naturalmente 
Rodale Press 1998
  Gould, Stephen J.
Bully For Brontosaurus 
W. W. Norton & Co. 1991 DJ
  Goulder, Grace
Ohio Scenes and Citizens 
The World Publishing Company 1964 1st edition signed DJ
  Graedon, Joe
The People's Pharmacy Guide to
Home and Herbal Remedies 
St Martin's Press 1999
  Graham, Billy
Just As I Am  
1st Guideposts
  Grand Royal Arch Chapter
Texas Chapter and Council Monitor 
Grand Royal Arch Chapter 1909
  Gray, John
Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus  
Harper Collins 1992 1st Edition DJ
  Gray, Thomas
Elegy written in a country church yard 
Grosset & Dunlap
  Griffin, W.E.B
The Last Heroes 
G.P. Putnam's Sons 1997 DJ
  Guinness, Alec
Blessings in Disguise 
Alfred A. Knopf 1986 2nd printing DJ
  Gunther, John
Inside South America 
Harper & Row 1967 1st Edition DJ
  Haggard, Howard
Devils, Drugs, and Doctors 
Blue Ribbon Books 1929
  Hall, Carolyn
The Sewing Machine Craft Book 
Van Nostrand Reinhold 1980 DJ
  Hall, Gordon
Vinnie Ream 
Holt, Rinehart and Winston 1963 1st edition DJ
  Hamilton, Donna
The After 50 Cookbook 
Castle Books 1974 1987?
  Hanle, Zack
Cooking Wild Game 
Liveright 1974 DJ
  Hanley, Hope
New Methods in Needlepoint 
Charles Scribner's Sons 1966 DJ
  Hardman, Ric
Fifteen Flags 
Little, Brown and Company 1968 DJ
  Hardy, R. Allen
The Jewelry Repair Manual 
D. Van Nostrand Co 1958
  Harston, J. Emmor
Commanche Land  
The Naylor Co 1963
  Hawking, S.W. (editor)
Superspace & Supergravity  
Cambridge University Press 1981 DJ
  Hay, Ella
A Child's Life of Mary Baker Eddy 
Christian Science Publishing Society 1942 DJ
  Heiden, Konrad
Der Fuehrer - Hitler's Rise to Power  
Houghton Mifflin Co 1944 
  Hemphill, Paul
The Good Old Boys 
Simon and Schuster 1974 DJ
  Hertzberg, Ruth
Putting Food By 
The Stephen Greene Press 1975 2nd edition
  Heuser, Ken
The Whitetail Deer Guide 
Holt, Rinehart and Winston 1972 1st edition DJ
  Hewlett, John
The Blarney Stone  
Appleton-Century-Crofts 1951
  Heymann, C. David
Birch Lane Press 1995 1st ?? DJ
  Higgs, Liz
While Shepherds Washed Their Flocks 
Guideposts 1998
  Hiss, Alger
The Court of Public Opinion 
Alfred A. Knopf 1957 1st Edition
  Hoffman, Malvina
Scultpture Inside and Out 
W.W. Norton 1939
  Holbrook, Stewart
The Age of Moguls 
Doubleday & Co 1954
  Horan, James D.
The Desperate Years - A Pictorial History of the Thirties 
Crown Publishers 1962
  Howard, David
Hammered as Gold 
Harper & Row 1969 DJ 1st edition
  Hosokawa, Bill
JACL in Quest of Justice 
William Morrow & Co 1982 1st Edition dj
  Howe, Quincy
Ashes of Victory - WWII and Its Aftermath 
Simon & Schuster 1972 1st printing
  Hoyle, Martha Byrd
A World in Flames 
Atheneum 1970 1st edition DJ
  Hubbard, Jessie
Jessie - Life is Beautiful 
Private 1993
  Huff, Darrell
Complete Book of Home Improvement 
Harper & Row 1973 6th printing DJ
  Hurdle, J. Frank
A Country Doctor's Common Sense Health Manual 
Parker Publishing 1975
  Hutchins, Ross
Wild Ways - A Book of Animal Habits  
Rand McNally & Co Edition of 1961 dj
  Iacocca, Lee
Iacocca an Autobiography 
Bantam Books 1984 DJ
  International Olympic Committee
Games of the XXIIIrd Olympiad Los Angeles 1984 Commemorative Book 
International Sport Publications 1984 DJ
  Jackson, Bo
Bo Knows Bo 
Doubleday 1990 1st edition signed DJ
  Jacoby, Oswald
The Backgammon Book  
The Viking Press 1970 DJ 
  Jahn, Mike
Rock, from Elvis to the Rolling Stones 
Quadrangle 1973
  Jaynes, Julian
The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind 
Houghton Mifflin Co 1976 DJ
  Jessup, Stephen
The Meadows of Memory and Other Poems 
Parthenon Press 1974 signed
  Johnson, Hugh
The World Atlas of Wine 
Simon and Schuster 1978 9th printing DJ
  Johnson, Pat
Horse Fever 
Grosset & Dunlap 1972 
  Josephy, Alvin M. (ed.) intro by JFK
The American Heritage Book of Indians 
Simon & Schuster 1961 3rd printing DJ
  Jung, C.G.
The Structure and Dynamics of the Psyche 
Princeton University Press 1981 5th Printing
  Kahn, Roger
The Era 1947-1957 
Ticknor & Fields 1993 DJ 1st??
  Kales, Albert
Unpopular Government in the United States 
University of Chicago Press 1914
  Kates, Edgar J.
Diesel and High-Compression Gas Engines - Fundamentals 
American Technical Society 1966 2nd edition
  Kauffeld, Carl
Snakes and Snake Hunting 
Hanover House 1957 DJ
  Kelder, Peter
Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth 
Doubleday 1998 DJ
  Kelley, Kitty
His Way 
Bantam Books 1986
  Kells, Lyman
K + E Slide Rules 
Keuffel and Esser Co 1955
  Kent, Ernest W.
The Brains of Men and Machines  
McGraw-Hill 1981 
  Kinder, Gary
Light Years 
The Atlantic Monthly Press 1987 DJ
  Kislan, Richard
The Musical 
Prentice Hall 1980 DJ
  Klots, Alexander B.
Living Insects of the World  
Doubleday & Co 
  Knox-Johnston, Robin
A World of My Own 
William Morrow & Co 1970 DJ 
  Konner, Melvin
The Tangled Wing - Biological Constraints on the Human Spirit 
Holt, Rinehart and Winstion 1982 1st edition
  Kronhausen, Phyllis and Eberhard
The Sexually Responsive Woman 
Grove Press 1964 5th printing
  Kubota, S
The Art of Karate 
Peebles Press 1977
  Kyne, Peter
The Go-Getter 
Cosmopolitan Book Corp 1922 
  Laing, R.D.
Conversations with Adam and Natasha 
Pantheon Books 1977 1st edition DJ
  Lammer, Jutta
The Reinhold Book of Needlecraft 
Van Nostrand Reinhold Company 1973
  Lancaster, Bruce
Night March 
Little, Brown and Company 1958 1st edition
  Landis, Charles S.
Hunting With the Twenty Two
Twenty Two Caliber Varmint Rifles  
Samworth Book 1950
Small-Arms Technical 1947
  Langley, Noel
Edgar Cayce on Reincarnation 
Castle Books 1967 DJ
  Lederer, William
Complete Cross-Country Skiing and Ski Touring 
w.w. Norton & company 1970 1st edition DJ
  Lester, Ralph P.
Look to the East 
Ezra A. Cook 1957
  Pile, Stephen The Book of Heroic Failures Routledge & Kegan Paul 1979 DJ
Pope, DudleyThe Black Ship  J. B. Lippincott 1964 DJ
Ryan, WillieScientific Checkers Made Easy David McKay Co 1950 8th printing
Schwab, CYou're Fifty- Now What?Crown Business 2001 DJ
Schwartz, PThe Art of the Long View  Doubleday 1991 1st edition DJ
Spock, BenjaminProblems of ParentsHoughton Mifflin, 1962  DJ BkClb
Stanwell-Fletcher, TDriftwood Valley  Little, Brown, 1948
Stary, FThe Natural Guide to Medicinal Herbs and Plants Barnes And Noble 1994 DJ
Vidal, GoreThe Golden Age  Doubleday 2000 1st Edition DJ
Williams, J DThe Compleat Strategyst McGraw-Hill, 1966 Revised Edition DJ
Yenne, BBeers of North America Gallery Books, 1986 DJ
-------Childcraft: Volume Eleven, Play Activities The Quarrie Corporation, 1939
-------Speak French - A Book for the Soldiers The Goldsmith Publishing Co. 1917

Lewis, Faye C.
Nothing To Make a Shadow 
The Iowa State University Press 1971 1st edition
  Lewis, Flora
One of Our H-Bombs is Missing  
McGraw-Hill 1967 BkClub DJ 
  Limbaugh, Rush
The Way Things Ought To Be 
Pocket Books 1992 DJ
  Long, H.W. MD
Sane Sex Life & Sane Sex 
Living Eugenics Publishing Co 1922 DJ
  Longford, Elizabeth
Wellington - The Years of the Sword 
Harper & Row 1969 DJ
  Lord Moran
Houghton Mifflin Co 1966 1st edition
  Lynch, John (ed)
The Coffee Table Book of Astrology 
Viking Press 1967 revised edition DJ 
  MacConnell, C.E.
XIT Buck 
The University of Arizona Press 1968 signed
  MacDuffie, Marshall
the Red Carpet  
w.w. Norton and Co 1955 1st edition DJ
  Mack, John E.
Abduction-Humun Encounters With Aliens 
Scribners 1994
  MacLatchie, Sharon
Gardening With Kids 
Rodale Press 1977 DJ 1st edition
  Manchester, William
The Arms of Krupp 1587-1968 
Little, Brown and Co 1968 DJ 
  Mann, Arthur
La Guardia Comes to Power: 1933  
J.B. Lippincott & Co 1965 1st edition
  Manners, David
Complete Book of Home Workshops 
Harper & Row 1973 DJ 5th printing
  Mao TseTung
Quotations from Chairman Mao TseTung 
Foreign Language Press 1974 2nd
  Maraniss, David
First In His Class 
Simon & Schuster 1995
  Mason, Todd
Perot - An Unauthorized Biography 
Business One Irwin 1990 DJ
  Martin, Mary
Mary Martin's Needlepoint 
Galahad Books 1969 DJ
  Masters, William
Grove Press 1988 1st edition DJ Signed by V.Johnson
  Mather,Irwin F.
The Making of Illinois  
A. Flanagan 1900
  Mattera, Phillip
Prosperity Lost 
Addison-Wesley Publishing Co 1990
1st printing DJ
  Mattingly, Garrett
The Armada  
Houghton Mifflin Company 1959 DJ
  Mayer, Martin
The Bankers 
Weybright and Talley 1974 DJ
  McAlister, Hugh
The Flight of the Silver Ship 
Saalfield Publishing 1930
  McCabe, Peter
Bad News at Black Rock 
Arbor House 1987 DJ
  McCann, Rebecca
Complete Cheerful Cherub 
Covici, Friede 1939 8th printing
  McDonald, Elvin
The Flowering Greenhouse Day by Day  
D. Van Nostrand Company 1966 DJ BCE
  McGee, Grace
From the Trail of Tears to Millionaire 
Carlton Press 1979 DJ
  McIntyre, Loren
The Incredible Incas and Their Timeless Land 
National Geographic Society 1975 DJ
  McKuen, Rod
Twelve Years of Christmas 
Cheval Books 1969 DJ 1st printing
  McPhee, John
Farrar, Straus and Giroux 1967 1st printing DJ
  Mead, Margaret
Blackberry Winter My Earlier Years  
William Morrow 1972
  Mencken, H.L.
The Mating Game and How to Play It (Illus Charles Saxon)  
Hallmark 1974 DJ 
  Miller, Jonathan
The Body in Question 
Random House 1978 1st American Ed. DJ 
  Mewhinney, H
A Manual for Neanderthals  
University of Texas Press 1957 DJ
  Miller, Robert C.
The Sea  
Chanticleer Press/Random House 1966 DJ
  Minninger, Joan
Total Recall 
Rodale Press 1984 DJ
  Mondimore, Francis
Depression - The Mood Disease 
Johns Hopkins University Press 1990 DJ
  Montagu, Ewen
The Man Who Never Was 
J.B. Lippincott 1954 DJ
  Morgan, Ted
Churchill - Young Man in a Hurry 1874-1915 
Simon & Schuster 1982 DJ
  Morrell, Ed
The 25th Man 
Vantage Press 1955 DJ 2nd printing
  Morris, Dan
The Savor of the Sea  
The Macmillan Co 1966
  Morris, Willie
The Courting of Marcus Dupree  
Doubleday & Co. 1983 1st edition DJ
  Morrison, Marsh
Dr. Morrison's Miracle Body Tuneup for
Rejuvenated Health 
Parker Publishing Co 1973
  Mowat, Farley
The Siberians 
Little, Brown and Company 1970 1st American edition DJ
  Muller, Charles
Tigers of the Sea 
The Westminster Press 1946
  Munthe, Axel
The Story of San Michele 
E. P. Dutton & Co 1931
  Murchie, Guy
Song of the Sky 
Riverside Press 1954 DJ
  Murphy, Brian
British Grub 
Determined Productions 1969 DJ
  Murphy, George
Say Didn't You Used to be George Murphy 
Bartholomew House 1970 1st printing
  Myers, Arthur
Ghostly American Places 
Wings Books 1995 DJ
  Myers, Glenford
The Art of Software Testing 
John Wiley & Sons 1979 DJ
  National Geographic Society
Wilderness U.S.A.  
National Geographic Society 1973 DJ
  Newcomb, Franc Johnson
Navaho Folk Tales 
Museum of Navajo Ceremonial Art 1967 DJ
  Nitze, Paul H.
From Hiroshima to Glasnost 
Grove Weidenfeld 1989 1st edition DJ
  Notkin, Jerome
The How and Why Wonder Book of Machines  
Grosset & Dunlap 1960
  O'Connor, Jack
Complete Book of Rifles and Shotguns 
Harper & Brothers 1963 7th printing DJ
  Oglesby, Catharine
Modern Primitive Arts of Mexico, Guatemala
and the Southwest 
Whittlesey House 1939
  Ojakangas, Beatrice
Gourmet Cooking for Two 
Crown Publishers 1970 2nd Printing DJ
  Ormes, Robert
Guide to the Colorado Mountains 
The Swallow Press 1974 
  Orwell, George
Shooting an Elephant and Other Essays  
Harcourt, Brace and Co 1950
1st American edition DJ 
  Osborne, John
The Last Nixon Watch 
The New Republic Book Co 1975 DJ
  Oursler, Fulture and Will
Father Flanagan of Boys Town 
Doubleday and Co. 1949 1st Edition
  Ovington, Ray
The Young Sportsman's Guide to Salt Water Fishing 
Thomas Nelson & Sons 1961 DJ
  Palen, Matthew
The Full Pack 
Military Training Camps Association
of the United States 1927
  Parton, Dolly
Dolly,My Life and Other Unfinished Business  
Harper Collins 1994 1st edition
  Partridge, Burgo
A History of Orgies 
Bonanza Books 1960
  Peterson, Mendel
The Funnel of Gold  
Little, Brown and Company 1975 DJ 1st edition
  Peterson, William
Those Curious New Cults 
Keats Publishing Co 1973 DJ
  Peterson, Peter
Facing Up 
Simon & Schuster 1993 DJ
  Phares, Ross
Texas Tradition 
Pelican Publishing Co 1975 DJ 2nd printing
  Pichaske, David (ed)
Late Harvest  
Smithmark 1996 DJ 1st edition
  Pillsbury, Dorothy
No High Adobe 
The University of New Mexico Press 1950
  Pipher, Mary
Another Country 
Riverhead Books 1999 1st edition DJ
  Platt, Rutherford
The Great American Forest  
Prentice-Hall, Inc 1965
  Podhajsky, Alois
My Dancing White Horses 
Holt, Rinehart and Winston 1965 1st edition DJ
  Poen, Monte (ed)
Strictly Personal and Confidential 
Little, Brown and Company 1982 1st edition
  Pogue, Joseph
Turquoise Memoirs of the National Academy of Sciences 
The Rio Grande Press 1972 2nd printing
  Pough, Richard
Audubon Bird Guide Eastern Land Birds 
Doubleday & Co 1949
  Prange, Gordon
Target Tokyo 
McGraw-Hill 1984 DJ
  Prevention Magazine (ed)
The Complete Book of Natural & Medicinal Cures 
St Martin's Press 1994
  Prevention Magazine (ed)
The Prevention How-To Dictionary of
Healing Remedies and Techniques 
Berkeley Books 1996 
  Price, Vincent
I Like What I know - A Visual Autobiography 
Doubleday and Co 1959 DJ
  Proulx, Earl
Make It Last 
Yankee Publishing 1996
  Pyle, Ernie
Brave Men 
Henry Holt and Company 1944 DJ
  Quebedeaux, Richard
By What Authority 
Harper and Row 1982 1st edition DJ
  Reader's Digest
Mysteries of the Unexplained 
Reader's Digest Association 1982 DJ
  Reader's Digest Editors
How to do Just About Anything on a Computer 
The Reader's Digest Association 2000
1st edition 
  Reben, Martha
The Healing Woods 
Thomas Y. Crowell Company 1952
  Reid, Loren
Hurry Home Wednesday 
University of Missouri Press 1978 DJ 
  Resnick, Faye
Nichole Brown Simpson 
Dove Books 1994 1st Printing DJ
  Rickett, H.W.
Wild Flowers of America 
Crown Publishers 1963 3rd printing
  Riddle, Pamela
The Complete Sausage Cookbook 
San Francisco Book Co 1977 DJ
  Roberts, Dorothy
The Enchanted Cup  
Appleton-Century-Crofts, Inc 1953 DJ
  Robson, R. W.
The Pacific Islands Year Book  
Sydney and Melbourne Publishing 1944 5th
  Rockwell, F.F.
10,000 garden questions  
Doubleday & Co 1959
  Rockwell, Norman
The Norman Rockwell Album  
Doubleday & Co 1961 1st Edition in box
  Rose, Cynthia
Lottie Deno 
Clear Light Publishers 1994 1st edition signed DJ
  Ross, Ishbel
Grace Coolidge and Her Era 
Dodd, Mead and Company 1962 DJ
  Rudulf, Louis
The Gift of Words 
J. G. Ferguson 1967
  Russell, Keith P.
Eastman's Expectant Motherhood 
Little, Brown and Co 1982 7th edition
  Rutstrum, Calvin
North American Canoe Country 
The Macmillan Company 1968 3rd printing DJ
  Ryan, Jack
Vantage Press 1996 1st edition Signed
  Ryhiner, Peter
The Wildest Game 
J. B. Lippincott Company 1958 1st edition DJ
  Sabbag, Robert   LPs
Too Tough to Die : Down and Dangerous with
the U.S. Marshalls 
Simon and Schuster 1992 1st? DJ
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